About me

I am a family father who values the time spent with my wife and my two daughters. I like skiing in the mountains during winter time and in summer I like to be on my SUP on Lake Zurich or enjoy travelling to new places.

I have lived half my life in Denmark and the other half in Switzerland - except for all the years travelling to or with clients all over the world.

Broad experience

My career has been centered around consulting, sales, leadership and coaching. I am a big believer in passion, motivational leadership and out-of-the-box-thinking.

My experience ranges from individual start-up product sales to large scale strategic sales with massive teams closing billion-$ deals. I have done individual sales, led smaller sales teams and been leading 3 level sales organisations with hundreds of sales executives and account manager.

I have worked extensively with start-ups, large multinationals and done some volunteering work.


Christer Balle

Sales Coach


Throughout my career I have worked extensively in 8 start-ups in various roles from founder, co-founder, chairman, partner or investor. My start-up experience ranges almost 25 years and covers several industries/topics; Services, retail, hotels, financial services, tech, social.

Multinational companies

During 18 years I had leading positions with large multinational organisations; Pw(C), IBM & HP where I was leading large consulting and sales teams (300+ staff) with responsibility for multi-billion $ businesses.

Other experience

Volunteering work and an officers career completes my profile.

Next step...

Let us take the next step together. Please get in contact with me via the contact form on my webpage. Let us meet for a first informal discussion about your business plan, sales strategy or specific deals you need help with.