Sales Excellence

A passionate sales team with exciting products working to an excellent sales plan utilising strong processes, tools and collateral - all important components of a successful sales strategy. Let us discuss how I can help you strengthen some of those components.

Sales Coaching

Sales leadership & sales teams - the entire sales organisation needs to be at the top of their game to convert your pipeline into future business. Let us discuss how you can get proper support and coaching for every link in the chain.

Deal Coaching

Strategic deals for the multinational as well as the everyday deal for the small start-up. The closing result of them will have a material impact on overall business performance. Let us discuss how we can work together for better results.

Pipeline Generation

Generating pipeline - the "closable" pipeline - is key to any business. Social selling, campaigns, new sales staff, partners, network of friends & family - which ones are the best for your business. Let us discuss approaches to improve channels.

HR Services

Getting the right team on-boarded, a team with passion for the company, the product and the client is key. Shaping the job, crafting the right job-ad, insightful interviews, using the right channels and recruiters is key to getting the fitting employee. Let us discuss how my network can be of help.

Startup Funding

A fantastic idea, a solid business plan & a top-motivated team combined with proper funding & an intelligent sales approach is the best foundation for your business. Let us discuss how I can help you with the latter two.

Next step...

Let us take the next step together. Please get in contact with me via the contact form on my webpage. Let us meet for a first informal discussion about your business plan, sales strategy or specific deals you need help with.