Swiss unemployment rate close to lowest in 16 years

The record low swiss unemployment rate is having a real impact on companies’ ability to hire skilled staff, including sales leaders, sales managers and sales practitioners.¬†

This morning the May 2018 statistics for the swiss unemployment rate was released, showing another decline in the unemployment rate from 2.7% in April to just 2.4% in May. This corresponds to 10,389 less unemployed people, or a 9% reduction in the unemployed people in just one month! The number of unemployed people in Switzerland is close the level of post financial crises in 2008, where 2.6% unemployment rate was recorded for the year or in 2002 where 2.2% unemployment rate was recorded for the year.

Source: SECO (link: click the table above to go straight to the SECO article – article in German)

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