The Napkin Story

E2E Sales Consulting Services. Turning sales experience into business excellence.

Christer Balle Consulting and my clients set off together on a journey toward sales excellence. To support this journey, a broad range of sales related consulting services are deployed. The services combine as "plug'n play" - with the option to use each service as stand-alone or in combination for larger implementation projects towards sales excellence.

More than 20 years of consulting, sales, corporate and start-up experience combined with client experiences support my approach: Turning sales experience into business excellence in sales.

Below a quick services overview:

Consulting Services

Consulting services are delivered using the PRICES-framework. Underpinned by structured questionnaires, process guides and mapping tools, together we will uncover the true reasons for sales process deficiencies causing sub-optimal sales performance. We will cover the relevant spectrum from strategy over process to sales execution.


Leveraging more than 20 years in consulting and more than 15 years as a sales leader, I engage with sales leaders, sales managers and sales representatives to optimise the output of the sales organisation and individual deals.

HR Services

Getting the right sales people on board in a high performing sales organisation, requires a structured hiring process. You want to differentiate your organisation from the competition and attract the best talent. I support my clients to optimise their EVP (Employer Value Proposition), discovering the best tools and engage with candidates in innovative ways for the best possible match.

Pipeline Generation

Sometimes you have a short term need to quickly get additional pipeline and need to temporarily engage "sellers" parallel to a structured hiring programme, or your just want to have senior free-lance sales capacity at your finger-tips. Christer Balle Consulting and my partners can support you here via our network and proactive sales-as-a-service.

Deal Coaching

Individual deal coaching offers an outside-in perspective of your "must-win-deals", providing tools and techniques to better shape and close them. Strategic deals typically means everything to your business' future and deserve that extra attention.

Let's talk

Let us talk and see how your business can benefit from the services of Christer Balle Consulting and my partners.