The journey to sales excellence

Years of experiences from various environments, cultures, companies, industry and people have taught me that there is not a one-fits-all approach to selling. Selling is an art, which should be based upon a strong foundation: Your sales strategy, setup and process. Selling is also about getting the best out of your sales team, focusing on and leveraging the strengths of each individual seller.

The two key components to delivering services for my clients, is my partner ecosystem and the “PRICES”-framework.

Partnering for success

Working with clients I leverage my partner ecosystem, where similar-minded people work together to offer a broad range of services to the benefit of or clients. My partner ecosystem include; investors, consultants, free-lance sales executives, recruiters, software providers.

In the course of our discussions we will identify which partners (if any) are relevant to your business challenges.

“PRICES” & the 6 S’s of selling

The “PRICES” sales framework is a structured approach to working through each of the 6 S’s of sales excellence. The framework analyses sales from strategy to execution.



Strategy: the 5 P’s

Your organisations sales strategy is the cornerstone of selling your product & services to your clients. The overall purpose of your sales strategy should be derived from the overall business plan. Your sales plan needs to document operational selling requirements. Your priorities should clearly define which deals you will focus your resources on. Your sales strategy should also foster and enable people to be your passionate sales force.

Setup: the 4 R’s

Equipping your sales organisation with true process excellence aims to create reliable (predictable) sales forecasting, enabling a broad reach to your target customer base. You want a repeatable sales approach, keeping sales cost at acceptable levels while ensuring sustainable profitability through measurable sales results. Underneath the 4 R’s is the detailed P-model (Portfolio, Product, Price, Proposition, Pitch etc).


Shaping: the 5 I’s

Before designing your solution, you need to do the high-level shaping and you need to understand your clients requirements. It is paramount to ask the right questions to get insight and truly assess the client issues and what impact your solution would have on their business. You need to balance the invasiveness and the inhibitors to change.

Salesman-ship: the 5 C’s

Your team need to exercise good salesman-ship; good preparation and adapting a positive mind-set. Your sales team needs to have courage to discuss the 5 I’s with the client, control the deal team, the deal and the clients expectations. Your sales visible commitment to client success, transport your company’s values and should be presented with clarity and consistency across the entire sales organisation.


Selling: the 3 E’s

With a well shaped solution and a positive mind-set it is time to gain the clients commitment to our solution. Your sales team needs to establish credibility through a convincing solution, while educating your buyer about your solution, why it fits to their requirements and how you will deal with the change aspects. Finally you need to engage your prospect in owning the solution.

Securing: the 4 S’s

The most crucial part of your sales process. You now need to secure the deal but hopefully also secure a long term client relationship. Obviously the selling steps are part of securing the deal. Just as important is to have to courage to go for the signature at the right time in the process. The subsequent support phase shows your commitment to client success and will allow you to spread across other business units and grow with your client.


Next step…

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